Dating Help For Men, Aire You Strong In This 3 Pillar Concept!

3 pillars – these are three key elements that make up the foundation in building a strong foundation when it comes to dating. The most important of these 3 pillars is the fact that relationships truly begin where your relationship with a women.

This is where relationships really start, and the date itself, or the first date, is the easy part. Now, the other two are equally important, but obviously start after the first one.

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pillar number 1 – Dating is not separation

The reality is that the first date with a girl is not a separation, but simply the beginning of dating with a girl you have been genuinely interested in. Another way to look at it is, even an ugly man can have a beautiful woman, so long as he is able to convey that he is a strong man, and that is the key to the dating part. You need to be able to demonstrate this to her, and that goes to the basics of who you are as well.

pillar number 2 – Dating is not maturity

Mature males are often the ones who are a bit lost in this world of dating. They constantly get themselves in the situation, and rather than being able to solve the problems, end up creating more and more. Here’s something else for you to not do too. Do not be like any other guy and his girl will love him, because he is mature.

Have you ever seen a fat dude who is Really pretty with a hot babe? O yes, you probably have. And even with all his faults, she still loves him, because he acts like a strong man – he doesn’t give in to her every whim. Do it like a real man and she will respect you, and like you for it

pillar number 3 – Dating is not a sprint

Maintaining relationships, especially ones that are not new, can be tough. Being in a relationship for 10’s of years is unhealthy, unless you have an excellent track record. Most people, especially fellas, maintain the same relationship for the sake of being in the relationship. When it’s not a fresh one, they don’t have the standards at the beginning, neither do the women. Therefore, while you maintain, both of you are miserable.

It requires a lot of moral and physical chores for a relationship such as opening the doors for the girl, picking up the tab, or foot treating in public, and once those are out of the way, the relationship becomes stale and monotonous. Gone are the times when you had to prepare a home-cooked meal with candles on the dinner table for you to be able to say that you were ever girlfriend.

It does not matter how hot you are, because if the relationship is not fresh, then it doesn’t matter. Your girlfriend should want to be with someone as good as you are. She should find something that you don’t wish for in a relationship, or that you don’t have to provide – this is when you are truly committed.

No matter how short-term or long-term, when it comes to committing to a woman, being a mature male, there should be NO breaks. There should be NO unconditional give and take. The words “just friends” is the farthest thing from what a real man should be when it comes to relationships with women.

If a relationship is new, she is probably in a state where she is unsure of what you are truly looking for. It is always wise to look at her from a perspective of a woman being new to the dating scene – she is probably in a social, awkward, and nervous place right now.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, or you feel it is too early in the dating relationship to know, it can be a good idea to learn about what is expected of a gentleman on the first date, or a quick article on girlfriend finder will tell you what you need to do.

Be a gentleman. A gentleman is a man who acts like a real man, right in front of the women.

Are you looking at this dating relationship as a chance to get together and practice your moves on her, or are you truly looking forward to finding that relationship that is filled with honesty, trust, and mutual respect?

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