Breaking Out of Your Dating Rut and Getting What You Really Want

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Is the state of your love life something that you can’t just ignore anymore? Does it feel like everyone you hang out with is dragging you down to their level? Are you fed up with getting the same old results when it comes to love and dating? Well, you might be falling into a monotony that isn’t worth ignoring any longer.

It’s time to take control of your love life, exactly what you need to focus on to make some real progress in meeting your emotional needs while saving your time for other areas of your life that are more important.

Today’s society takes flirting to a whole new level. People are saying and doing things that would make most people blush. There’s no doubt about it, too. The media is constantly portraying perfect couples where two very happy people live together, but what’s missing is the root of it all.

With so much flirting going on, it’s no wonder that so many people feel overwhelmed. Not only are you bombarded with too much flirting, you may feel like you are competing with an entire army of other women who also want your attention, especially if you are one of the women who has a bit more on her mind.

Start noticing yourself before you allow someone else to. Instead of putting all your energy on trying to meet someone, instead put some energy in meeting someone who already meets your emotional need for order, thereby saving the Love for later.

3 Critical Steps to Meeting Your Emotional Needs

The first step upon entering the dating world is discovering where exactly your emotional life currently is. This is not just another place to go to meet your prospective partner. This is the place where all your memories, dreams, hopes, and fears are stored. Finding this place can be a daunting task, so here are a few steps to get you there.

a) Have you recently experienced a break-up? Well, there’s not just one place to go to meet your emotional need, but you definitely need to visit that place. Explore yourself. You might find old hurt to deal with. Or, you might uncover old pain that works as a reminder to unmake things. Analyze the reasons, heal the hurts, and release them.

b) Are you recently divorced or widowed? If so, you might be ready to find love again. Explore your needs, find a friend who can help you understand what you need from dating again. But, don’t drag it out too long, or you’ll simply find yourself not having to attend to it.

c) Do you want to feel good about yourself again? Yes, you do. So use positive affirmations, which should be written on a card in front of you, and read them daily for a type of self-healing process. You must make love that way. You do not want to play the role of the old girlfriend as you read these affirmations, but you do want to feel the need to love again.

d) Do you wish you could feel lovable again? Of course! So go to a place where you can be emotionally fed, nurtured, and ramrodded. Join a compassion/inscience group for one-on-one interactions every week, or find a life coach to help you experience your new life.

e) Do you find yourself saying “yes” to a partner when you mean “no” or “early” or some other version of this? Does the need for emotional closeness or intimacy now weigh heavily on your tongue? You might be ready to experience new kinds of love, or to savour the best that your beloved has to offer. Ask God to give you a new heart, mind and Spirit to experience the love that you desire and deserve.

The Abundant Life Project wants you to have lots and lots of new experiences of love, joy, opportunity and fulfilment in your life. How can you respond to this in a way that will serve you?

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